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CATCH Power was founded by like minded people that came together with the same core belief; to make sustainable thinking the norm and not the exception.  We all have a roll to play in the future energy of Australia, and with that comes many challenges. Our Journey is to build and supply the technology that is required to reach our renewable energy targets. 

We design, engineer, manufacture and sell  our products all from New South Wales. Where possible we source all of our components locally. It is important for CATCH Power as a company to, support our community and to help it thrive. 

Our Mission

To provide real solutions for our customers that don't cost the earth. 

It is true that feed-in tariffs vary for every energy company but a high feed-in comes at a cost; higher electricity rates and smaller discounts on your overall bill. Let's be honest, the energy companies are in this to make money and having solar installed comes at a loss to them, so one way or another they will make money. 

So, sizing a solar system purely around feed-in tariffs may not make sense in the long run. The best way to get the most out of your system is by sizing a system around your self consumption. 

The typical family only uses 30% of the energy that they produce from their solar. Adding a battery can increase your usage up to 80%, but for the fraction of the price you could install CATCH Power and increase your self consumption up to 50-60%  in some cases. 

Our Story

Founded in 2016 by Jason, a solar installer with a background in Electrical Engineering and Software development, and Scott, a supplier of solar equipment. The two quickly built a strong bond and discussed the many issues that were arising in the industry. 

The truth is that basically overnight the feed-in tariffs dropped from $0.60 in NSW to $0.06 meaning Jason was being called to numerous properties from customers thinking their solar was no longer working as effectively. What this demonstrated was was how much of a role the feed-in tariff played in the payback of a system.



Why Hot Water? 

In 2010 the government introduced a program to phase out electric hot water system. They knew, what we knew, that Electric hot water is the single largest load in the home.


"In 2012  Rheem’s on-line calculator shows that the expected annual running costs in NSW, based on average consumption's are:

  • Electric HW, domestic rate- $1466 per year

  • Electric HW, Off peak rate – $519 per year

  • SHW, electric boosted domestic tariff – $636 per year

  • SHW, LPG boosted – $516 per year"

This article was posted  Here on Renew Economy.

Think how much energy costs have gone up in the last 8 years and what these numbers would look like today!

There are still over 2.5 million electric hot water systems installed across Australia today. From our extensive research we have found that the average home consumes 6kWh per day in hot water energy. That is over 15,000 megawatts hours of energy per day being used from mains power. Imagine the savings that a CATCH Power can provide over a single year, or the life of the unit. It is no wonder that CATCH Power is the perfect ad-on to any solar system with electric hot water or other restive loads within the home. 

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