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The wait is finally over! 
With the release of our much anticipated SOLAR RELAY. 


Over the past 12 months our R&D team have been working hard behind the scenes to bring a solution that can offset more loads than our traditional Green Catch Power unit. The CATCH Solar Relay (CSR) offers full control over loads that require intelligent timing. 
This is achieved by built in Bluetooth connectivity and our CATCH Power Configuration App giving you, the customer complete control.


Our mission has always been to offer customers real solutions that allow you to use more of the solar that your system produces without the need for expensive batteries. 

While feed in tariffs play a role in the payback of a solar system it is still in your best interest to ensure you consume the energy that your system produces to get the best value of your system.
As solar installers ourselves we are seeing tighter restrictions on just how much energy can be sent back to the network, and lower export limits are being imposed on local households.  This means that it is crucial that you consume the energy that your system produces because once your export  limit is reached the excess power just goes to waste and does not provide any financial benefit. 

A current electricity plan can see you export your energy at approximately $0.08 /kW while the retailer can charge you up to $0.30 for the energy you purchase from the grid, by that calculation you are far better to consume more of the energy you produce than export it back to the grid. This is where CATCH comes in, with the installation of CATCH Power we can shift the timing of some of the largest loads within the household to be turned on only when there is enough solar available, and switch off when the excess solar is no longer available. Think Hot Water, Pool Pumps, Irrigation Pumps and so much more. 

The CATCH Solar Relay also offers an Export Control feature this allows the Solar Relay to turn on any dedicated electrical load when your export limit is reached. This will allow you to export the maximum allowed energy and then turn on loads to consume the 'overflow' of energy. 

On top of the export control features the CATCH Solar Relay allows for you to determine when to turn on loads based on Voltage.

Voltage Control Mode
When your household needs are met by the solar you will start to export the excess energy. The issues with rooftop solar is it has to fight the intended direction of energy. To allow the system to export power your system has to push this energy backwards and fight the flow of energy. The more energy you export to the grid the harder you have to push and the higher peaks of voltage will be measured. In order to protect your inverter they are programmed to slow down when these voltages are to high, until they eventually turn off. The inverter will then turn back on and start to reboot. This all takes time and results in a loss of production from your system.  The solution that the Solar relay offers is to switch on a large load when the voltages reach a certain threshold, this lowers the exported power and controls the voltage rises in a safe way and allows you to utelise your excess solar in a way that saves you money and ensures your system is always working at optimal levels. 

The CATCH Solar Relay can be used in any electrical installation that required intelligent timing of loads. The relay boasts blue tooth connectivity which allows for full customisation for your particular needs. 

The CATCH Solar Relay is able to power ANY electrical load; Single or 3 phase, big or small, resistive or inductive. 

Typical loads that can be controlled by the CATCH Solar Relay. 
* Heat pumps

* Air Conditioners
* Pool Pumps
* Electric Hot Water 
* Irrigation and stock watering pumps
* Underfloor heating
* Lighting Circuits

* Fans

* Garden Water Pumps. 

The CATCH Solar Relay is proudly designed and manufactured in Glen Innes NSW. Using locally sourced components when possible but always with the goal of using Australian made where possible.