Our Partners 

Catch Power value the importance of partnering with industry leaders to ensure that a level of quality is always met within the industry. We believe in quality and integrity in our industry and providing a gap in expertise and knowledge, this is why we choose to partner with the following members. 


Solar Cutters was formed to create a community that believes in quality, integrity and unity by supporting individuals who are passionate about influencing change within the solar industry. Solar Cutters realises that healthy competition, first class workmanship, ethical practices and continual improvement are paramount to the longevity and success of our solar industry. Solar Cutters aims to promote high quality systems through self-regulation, collaboration and educating the consumer in why they should choose a Solar Cutter

Solar Cutters is for our industry and our energy.

We are very proud to be a part of this fantastic community of installers representing high quality workmanship.


SEIA Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that offers free advice to its members and the general Solar community. We offer a lot of information such as user manuals for specific Solar products which can all be downloaded for you to use. The downloadable information on this site is therefore private and will require permission for its use. If are a member please log in.

SEIA Vic encourages participation from all Solar practitioners who are interested in our industry to join our community. If you want to become a member you can apply by filling in your details.  CATCH Power are proud to be associated with SEIA Vic and are regularly invited to their annual conferences as corporate sponsors and speaker.


SEIA was formed in 2007 in response to demand from within the industry. Installers who felt they wanted to be unified and represented under one banner with their interests at heart; manufacturers and importers of panels, inverters, batteries etc who wanted to support and grow the solar industry; retailers, researchers and lobbyists who requested a union of like-minded professionals so that all the various interests and concerns of the solar industry could be effectively reflected under one roof.

SEIA organise annual Solar Installer meetings for their members and guests.  CATCH Power have been fortunate enough to be invited to participate as sponsor and speaker at many of these events over the years.


The Smart Energy Council
Australia’s transition to a net-zero emissions economy will deliver massive business and economic benefits. It is possible to grow jobs, attract investment, innovate and become more economically competitive, all while transitioning to a safe climate. Achieving a strong economy and a safe climate is not just possible, it is absolutely critical if we are to confront the challenges of the future.


The Smart Energy Council is here for ambitious action. We’re bold partners and a vital voice for the industry, bringing a proactive, hands-on approach that drives real progress.

The Smart Energy Council hold one of the largest renewable energy exhibitions in Australia each year.  It was CATCH Power’s first conference as an exhibitor, and we have been an exhibitor and speaker ever since.  We are grateful to be members of the Smart Energy Council and their events.