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Introducing Gen II Green CATCH 

The Evolution of CATCH Power is here, Smaller, Lighter and Smarter.  Gen II allows for easier use and faster returns on your solar installation. With more built in algorithms you truly can take control of how your water is heated and when. And the solution fits in the palm of your hand. 

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Installing solar is an easy decision for most homeowners.  The difficult part is optimising the way you use your energy to get the most out of your investment. Most systems see returns of 4.5 - 5 years. With the installation of CATCH Power we can reduce these paybacks further, often by up to six months. Over the life of the system this adds thousands saved on your power bills.


While some solar salesmen/women may tell you that they can eliminate your bill entirely with the installation of a large system. This isn't always as simple as they make it sound. Export limits and feed in rates apply. But while you heat your hot water of a night time - how do you escape this charge? By installing a CATCH Power unit you can 'shift' this load under the solar production and heat your water purely from your excess solar. 

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​The CATCH Control Panel allows you to control how your water is heated

  • Solar Only - Great for hotter climates or the summer months, stop the off peak from coming in at all.

  • Heat Now - This is a perfect solution when you may have family visiting and your hot water usage increases significantly - No more cold showers for the last one in! 

  • Boost 2.5 hrs and Boost 5 hrs. a good option for those with large families and for the winter months when solar generation is lower. This setting allows for your off peak to come in for the designated time frame to help 'top up' your hot water.  

But CATCH doesn't stop there, our boosting settings have two options. You can hold down the selection to ensure the full allocated time frame is sent to your hot water system each night. Alternatively you can let CATCH determine exactly how much of a 'boost' you need. 

What this means is that the first time you select a boost setting that the hot water element is turned on for the fully allocated time, If your hot water system then reaches its cut off temperature before midday, Catch will reduce the allocated time the off peak turns on for by 12.5% each night until it finds the perfect setting for you and your family.