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Our customers save on average over $300 per year on hot water heating costs. 

"Thanks to Catch Power last quarter our hot water heating costs were under $1! As a family of four this is a significant saving as we usually pay upwards of $100 a quarter" *****

Is CATCH right for me?

weather you already have solar or are considering it for your home for the first time. We all want the same thing, to get 'the biggest bang for your buck' in this case we want the most savings out of your system.  
One way to do this is with the installation of a CATCH Power unit for your home. 

Do you have solar? 

Do you have electric hot water?

Do you have an export limit?


Do you have a variable feed-in tariff? 

Do you want to be in control of your energy usage? 

If your answer to any, or many of these is "yes", then CATCH is a smart addition to your solar installation giving you have the ability to offset the single largest load in your home, electric hot water. 

CATCH works with new and existing systems. As Catch sits behind the meter so is compatible with your system no matter the inverter or age. 
As long as you have an electric hot water system CATCH will work for you. 
CATCH is a great fit for those homes that have an export limit. When once the limit is reached any excess energy is 'lost' and if not consumed is worthless unless stored in expensive batteries. CATCH allows for a greater self consumption within the home, making the export limit less of a..... 
Feed-in tariffs fluctuate with every retailer and every energy plan. Sometimes the cost of a high feed-in tariff is a low discount and higher energy rates. CATCH Power is working hard for you every day and isn't reliant on your retailer giving you a treat. 
Energy contracts with high Feed-in tariff rates often have teeth! Some energy suppliers will increase the rate that you pay for your electricity when you install solar, or increase the daily access charge. By using as much of the solar you generate as possible you minimise these extra charges that may be imposed by your energy retailer.