Never before has there been a product that can control, switch and monitor a solar installation quite like this before

A New Concept -The Solar Gateway

Never before has there been a product that can control, switch and monitor a solar installation.  To date there have been a list of different products brought together to achieve a mixture of outcomes, some of which have nothing to do with the renewable energy industry, but have been made to fit (timers, for example).  That is all a thing of the past.


CATCH Solar Relay brings all of these functions, and more, to a central position in the solar installation.  No longer will you need to think about how do I control these loads?  How do I control this inverter? How do I see what is going on?  This is all brought to you and your customer through this single device.


At CATCH Power we have learned a lot about solar and load control.  It is now time to bring all of this together to make solar easier to install, of more benefit to the owner and more seamless to the network.

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Inverter Control

More and more parts of Australia are required to have a limit on the amount of power exported to the grid.  Increasingly this has been limited to zero export!  The hardware required for this job has been an energy meter designed for the specific brand of inverter.  Now, through the use of the CATCH Power app, there is the ability to program a range of inverter brands with this single device.  The settings are simple and straight forward, but offers all of the control expected from the DNSPs.


Here is a list of installation instructions for the inverter brands that CATCH Solar Relay is currently compatible with;


(Links to manuals) (links to the brochure).

Compatible Inverters Catch Power Solar R

Load Control

While this is not a new concept with solar production, it has never been done in a way that offers the depth of variety and flexibility that this energy source, and load types, requires.  CATCH Solar Relay gives the flexibility that is required to maximise self-consumption and take advantage alternative power prices.  The Relay can be programmed to switch based on exported power, voltage, frequency and time, and any combination of these.


With our standard 5-year warranty, no other company in the Australian market has offered this level of control and backing for the renewable energy industry.

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The Energy Transition is underway

The energy transition to non-fossil fuel sources has already begun, but the pace needs to hasten quickly if we are to make a dramatic impact on our climate.  We see these products as a small step in getting solar into the grid easier and with reduced impact on the network at large.  We all have a role in this transition, be it the way we consume or the way that we generate electricity. This is our way of finding the balance in this mix of consumption and generation.  The better we all are at getting this right, the more renewables that will be installed and the quicker it will happen.  We look forward to playing our role in the Energy Transition.