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CATCH Power and Inverters/Hybrid Battery Systems


The flexibility of CATCH Power is one of it’s many strengths.  It can be used with ANY inverter on the market.  CATCH is looking for surplus generated solar to use to heat your hot water and does this in the meter box or near the mains service fuse.  Whatever is generated, and is surplus to the home, will be detected by CATCH and that amount of energy will be precisely diverted to your electric hot water tank.


Below are a number of examples that show what CATCH looks like when viewed through different monitoring platforms provided by inverter manufacturers and others.  Even if CATCH Isn’t monitored specifically, it can be easily seen by the way the total load follows the solar production.  When the tank is hot (the thermostat opens) the load of the house drops suddenly.  These are all signs of CATCH working hard to maximise your solar production and reduce your energy costs for your home.

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Everyone has heard of Tesla and their visionary leader, Elon Musk.  This home is utilising their solar to not only charge their Tesla Powerwall battery but their hot water as well. 
In this case the household needs are always met by the solar first. Any excess energy will be used to charge the batteries first. Once the batteries are charged CATCH will kick in and start sending surplus solar to this families hot water tank. 

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Solar Analytics is another fantastic Australian product, a great way to get a deep insight as to the performance of your solar and household consumption.  This lucky home owner is getting the benefit f two great Australian products, with CATCH Power heating their hot water with free solar power.

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Here the work that CATCH is doing is clearly visible, on the Fronius Solar.web app. Catch is clearly following the solar production perfectly. There is more diversion to hot water around midday and again late in the afternoon.  The water tank at this house will be piping hot!


This graph highlights CATCH Power working with the Enphase Enlighten monitoring system.   Enphase have been an innovative member of the solar inverter market for many years.  CATCH Power is seen to be working very effectively here on this typical system.

Solar Edge Catch Power.jpg

SolarEdge is a very popular solar inverter solution, using DC optimisation to increase solar production yield from your array.  This customer has two hot water tanks being served by two Green CATCH units.  The thermostat cut-off from each of the tanks can be clearly seen as the energy is diverted into the hot water tank through the early part of the day. With the use of CATCH Power this customer has reached a self consumption rate of 66% without the use of batteries. 

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ABB have been manufacturing world-class inverters for the global market for many years.  Here is a very happy customer that is putting their solar to good use by diverting the energy to their hot water loads with CATCH.