The Catch Solar Relay is a multifunctional timer designed for the solar industry. 

If you have electrical loads that need to be controlled based on time, or how much energy your solar system is producing, or a combination of BOTH, the the Catch Solar Relay is the device to do it. 


Catch Solar Relay is able to power ANY electrical load. Single or 3 Phase, ig or small, Resistive or inductive loads. 


Typical Loads 
* Electric Hot Water
* Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
* Air Conditioners 
* Pool Pumps 
* Irrigation and stock watering pumps
* Underfloor Heating 
* Lighting Circuits
* Fans
* Garden Water Pumps

The Solar Relay is an Austrlian Designed and manufactured product and comes with a 5 yr warranty and is Blue Tooth Enables. 

Catch Solar Relay - CSR

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