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Wi-Fi Catch Solar Relay

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CATCH Power Australian Made and Owned

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CATCH Solar Relay Superior Design


CATCH Solar Relay Control loads remotely

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CATCH Power High Solar Efficiency

High efficiency

The Catch Control is a multifunctional timer designed for the solar industry. 

If you have electrical loads that need to be controlled based on time, or how much energy your solar system is producing, or a combination of BOTH, Catch Control is the device to do it. 


Catch Control is able to power ANY electrical load. Single or 3 Phase, big or small, Resistive or inductive loads. 

Typical Loads 
* Electric Hot Water
* Air Conditioners 
* Pool Pumps 
* Irrigation and stock watering pumps
* Underfloor Heating 
* Lighting Circuits
* Fans
* Garden Water Pumps


Getting a low feed-in tariff might feel like your being 'ripped off' by the energy companies, particularly when you buy back electricity at almost 3 x the rate. Don't be discouraged, Self consumption is where it's at.

Having the ability to monitor your Solar Production, Household Consumption and your Export, increases your ability to make smarter decisions on how and when you use your energy.


We know through years of research that the average home only uses 30% of the energy produced by their solar and export the remaining 70% to the grid. When feed in tariffs are so low and energy prices are so high how and when you use your energy makes a big difference to your quarterly electricity bill. 


We all know the key to a profitable solar system is increasing yourself-consumption.

but when you're at work all day, how do you do it?

Why Install CATCH Control Series?

The Importance of Self Consumption

There is a big gap, between what you get for the energy you send to the grid (Fit) and what you pay for the energy you purchase. This gap is broadening, as energy ministers have predicted 50% increases to energy prices from 2022-2023, there are no signs of things getting easier anytime soon.


It is a common misconception that the energy companies ‘have’ to give you something for the energy you send to the grid, but this isn’t correct. Some energy companies do not give their customers anything for a Feed In tariff. Others may offer a ‘sweetener’ with a high Feed in tariff but will catch you out elsewhere, either a low discount, high purchase rates and high daily supply charges.


Self Consumption plays a vital role in how much your solar system will actually save you. The role a Feed in Tariffs offers is actually quite low. There are affordable changes you can make, to increase your self consumption without the need for expensive batteries. Sadly for many Australians right now, battery storage is simply too expensive.

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CATCH Control Series is a multi-functional device that is designed specially for the Solar Industry! CATCH Control Series has the ability to work with any dedicated circuit. If you have electrical loads that you wish to be controlled based on your solar export, then the CATCH Control is the product for you. 

CATCH Control makes the most financial sense when installed as part of a new system. This is because it also works as the energy meter for a range of inverter brands. This means you no longer need to purchase the inverter brands energy meter and can use the Relay with all the same benefits plus more. Export limiting, Consumption Data and Load control, all while offering industry leading 5 year warranty. 

The Monocle

There are many benefits to having the whole picture of your household usage, and there are even greater benefits to having LIVE data about your home. Watch the video below for a tour of "The Monocle" and read on to see how it can benefit you. 

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Your solar will offset your general household usage first, such as your dishwasher, computer and general 'stand by' appliances.


Larger loads like kettles, dryers, and air conditioning units, are a little more complicated. Even though you may be generating solar, the full load may not fit completely under the solar curve and may use some mains power to support the load. 

Any surplus solar will be sent to the grid for a 'Feed in Tariff'. CATCH Solar Relay aim's to 'shift' loads to fit under the solar curve in the most efficient way, to use more of the solar that is being produced. 

The difference between running a load inside the solar curve and exporting to the grid can be as much as a $0.20 cents savings if not more, depending on your energy plan.​

CATCH Control Series

How it works

Future Proofing

What does it mean?

We talk a lot about future proofing in our industry. 
Installing solar gives you the ability to offset your electricity bills but what happens when feed in tariffs fall, energy prices increase, and a 'Solar Tax' is introduced?

How much will your solar system save you? 

The truth is this may all sound scary and may make you feel vulnerable to changes beyond your control but when you have the right system components installed, you truly have a 'future proof solution' This is where the CATCH Control series comes in! 

What About The Future?
Finn Peacock touches on what the Solar Tax could mean for you.

"The Solar Tax could cost you around $100 a year in savings, but Savvy solar owners should be able to come out ahead" - Finn Peacock. 

We don't know about you, but we consider our CATCH Power customers as pretty savvy.


'Future Proofing' used to just refer to putting panels on the roof, and offsetting your electricity bill by offsetting your usage, and exporting to the grid. As more and more debate occurs about solar taxes, and dynamic export limits, the question is no longer if, but when?

renew economy logo_edited.jpg

Solar households can now get a look at what their PV generating future might look like under a sun tax, as some of Australia’s biggest distribution network companies take the final steps to introduce solar export tariffs in July, 2024.

renew economy logo_edited.jpg

Solar Tax

What is it?

“Sun tax” gets closer, but not much clearer, as networks outline solar export tariff plans - Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy, 22 February 2023

Solar Panels Technician

Installer Program

CATCH Power are committed to connecting our homeowners with quality installers. We often get asked for installers for every point of an installation. With new systems and retrofitting our products. We have an extensive data base and can try to put you in touch with an experienced installer in your area!

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