Easier Installations - Complete Site Control - Better Customer Outcomes

Every Solar installer will agree there are three challenges on a solar installation, they are:

  • Export limiting

  • Site load control

  • Consumption monitoring

To date, these challenges have been handled by a suite of different products brought together with mixed outcomes. Some of these products have nothing to do with the renewable energy industry but have been made to fit. That is all a thing of the past.


CATCH Solar Relay was built by the industry, for the industry. You no longer need to think about: 
"How do I control this inverter?"
"How do I switch these loads on at just the right moment?"
"How do I see what is going on?"

This can all be done with CATCH Solar Relay.

CATCH Solar Relay

Export Limiting and Inverter Control

Site export limiting is increasingly becoming part of every solar installation. In many locations that export limiting means limiting exports to zero.


Traditionally, the hardware required for this job has been an energy meter.  The role of the energy meter is to monitor the power flow on site and report that information back to the inverter.


CATCH Solar Relay is a bilingual device, it knows how to speak with many inverters, and the list is constantly growing.


Simply run two wires from CATCH Solar Relay to your inverter, and you no longer need an energy meter.


The installation and configuration of CATCH Solar relay is much simpler than an energy meter but offers all of the control expected from the DNSPs.


Here is a list of inverter brands CATCH Solar Relay is currently compatible with;


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Load Control

Turning loads on and off with the rise and fall of solar production is the primary tool used to maximise self consumption. Now the same device that is controlling your inverter can be controlling the site loads, no need for any other device.

CATCH Solar Relay not only control the site loads, but it controls them exactly the way you wished they could be controlled.


Imagine you have a load you wanted to run only when solar exports exceed 3kW, but if the load does not run for at least 3 hours during the solar day you want it to run later in the day...well all this is possible, and much, much more.

CATCH Solar Relay gives the flexibility and simplicity that you would expect from a product designed and built for the solar industry. CATCH Solar Relay can be programmed to switch based on exported power, voltage, frequency and time, or any combination of these.


With our standard 5-year warranty, no other company in the Australian market has offered this level of control and backing for the renewable energy industry.

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Consumption Monitoring

Solar customers are happiest when they can see their solar production, and energy consumption. CATCH Solar Relay provides this.


CATCH Solar Relay is in control of the inverter and many of the loads, which means it is able to send detailed information back to the inverter's very own monitoring platform, providing detailed, real-time data that your customers can use to better manage energy consumption patterns.


There is no additional hardware needed for the monitoring. If you install CATCH Solar Relay and connect it to the inverter, you get the real-time data on your inverters monitoring platform with no extra work. 

The Energy Transition is Underway

The energy transition to non-fossil fuel sources has already begun, but the pace needs to hasten quickly if we are to make a dramatic impact on our climate.  We see these products as a small step in getting solar into the grid easier and with reduced impact on the network at large.  We all have a role in this transition, be it the way we consume or the way that we generate electricity. This is our way of finding the balance in this mix of consumption and generation.  The better we all are at getting this right, the more renewables that will be installed and the quicker it will happen.  We look forward to playing our role in the Energy Transition.

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