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Blue CATCH was our first product we released in 2016! Although we no longer manufacture Blue CATCH it still holds a special place in our hearts.  Blue CATCH is connected to the internet and downloads the weather forecast for the upcoming day to decide how to heat your hot water! Because every unit is connected to the internet, it gave us valuable insight into how people use their hot water!

This information is what we have based our algorithm's on for Green CATCH.

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To access your online control panel log in here. 

All CATCH Power Energy diverting products are smart, however the Blue CATCH contains an advanced algorithm that learns your power usage profile AND uses the latest weather forecasts to get the most out of your solar system.

CATCH Power is the latest technology in hot water heating. The idea was conceived in Australia; the product was designed in Australia, and it is manufactured in Australia! CATCH Power has been designed from the ground up to handle the harsh Australian conditions.

The CATCH Control Panel allows you to control how your water is heated

  • Heat your hot water right now.

  • Tell it to heat when the off peak power becomes available.

  • Or you can tell it to only use solar power.

But the most important thing about the CATCH controls is,

if you choose to do nothing, CATCH will always make the best

decision for you.

The CATCH controls are shown below:


Even though Blue CATCH is no longer available, we still support the product and servers that it runs off. 

The data that we have collected from Blue CATCH has allowed us to develop sophisticated algorithms in our Green CATCH devices. To find out more about Green CATCH follow the link below. 

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