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turning your

excess solar into
Hot Water!

Customers are looking for more ways to save on energy bills!


are the Leaders
in Load Control

Why Install Green CATCH?

We all know the key to a profitable solar system is self-consumption. CATCH Power specialise in manufacturing the devices to make this possible. 


Offering your customers, the ability to take control of their energy usage means they can save hundreds of dollars every year. 


It is good for the homeowner, as they can save more.


It is great for the environment, Hot Water is usually heated between 11pm-3am due to the time, this is often powered by coal.


Lastly it is great for the network (too much solar in the network is a problem). Millions of solar systems installed across Australia do not have load management devices. If each of these systems that have electric hot water systems had a device like Green CATCH installed, the effects of solar penetration on our network would be set back more than 10 years! 

What are the financial paybacks?


When you go to a customer's home, you can look at the Control Load 1/ Off Peak line of their bill and see exactly what it is costing them to heat their hot water. On systems 5 kW and above we can generally offset 90-95% of their hot water bill. This allows for you to include these numbers in your proposal and ROI's. 

Batteries are expensive and not every one can afford them. Green CATCH allows for Energy to be stored in the form of hot water, and drawn on when needed and has an average payback period of 2-3 years.  


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Green CATCH numbers (1) (1) (1).jpg
Green CATCH numbers (1) (1) (1).jpg

When solar is installed, your household needs will always be offset first, with any remaining energy being sent to the grid for a feed in tariff.

Electric Hot Water sits outside of the normal solar window and without the ability to shift this load, it will always come from mains power - often coal powered. 

Green CATCH includes a CT, this allows for Green to constantly monitor your households export and make smarter decisions on how you use this energy.

Once CATCH Green detects 500w's of surplus solar, it will send this available energy to the hot water tank. Generally offsetting 90-95% of your hot water needs.

If there isn't enough surplus solar, maybe due to poor weather, Green CATCH allows for your Off-Peak to help supplement the load, using the cheaper available tariffs. 

With multiple programmable algorithms, Green CATCH is always trying to deliver hot water at the cheapest rate possible. In times of bad weather, or the cooler months where solar production is at a low, CATCH offers boosting capabilities so your hot water will be supplemented from the off-peak tariff if there is not enough solar during this period. 


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How it works
Solar Panels Technician

Installer Program

CATCH Power are committed to connecting our homeowners with quality installers. We often get asked for installers for every point of an installation. With new systems and retrofits. 

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