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Control loads anywhere based on conditions somewhere...

Cloud Tethering refers to the ability to control loads and inverters based on a Wi-Fi signal rather than a CT reading.  

Every Solar installer will agree there are three main challenges on a solar installation, they are:

  • Export limiting

  • Site load control

  • Consumption monitoring

When you have a site with multiple loads spread out across a property or multiple phases, or the inverter maybe installed nowhere near the metering point?


These issues become more challenging and often require multiple products to provide a suitable solution.


 You no longer need to think about: 
"How do I control this inverter?"
"How do I switch these loads on at just the right moment?"
"How do I see what is going on?"

This can all be done with CATCH Control Series

What is Cloud Control?

How does Cloud Tethering work?

When you connect a CATCH Control device to the internet, all of its power readings are sent to our cloud platform. We call the cloud platform EDDEWORLD.

When you use the Cloud Control features, you will need a minimum of two CATCH Control devices. One of these will be a data collecting relay and installed at the Solar. This Control device will be working as the energy meter for the inverter and sending power readings to EDDEWORLD. 

Additional CATCH Control devices will be set up on the remote circuits that you wish to control.


Pools are a great example of this as they are often on a remote circuit and cannot be picked up from the main switch board.

If we want to control a pool heat pump off surplus solar we can install one data collecting Relay at the inverter, also working as the energy meter and a secondary device on the sub board. These devices will communicate through the cloud and act on data signals to control the load. 

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Cloud Control is now here for Inverter Control!

CATCH Power are very excited to announce the addition of Inverter Control via Cloud Tethering Control technology, to the Control Series.  This is utilising the functions required of a smart meter (export limit and consumption data) can now be performed over the internet!  This is the ideal solution where the solar inverter and the metering point are some distance apart, often tens of meters.


This has previously been resolved by digging a trench to run cable or transmitting the RS485 signal via broadcasted comms.  Now all you need is 2x CATCH Control devices (one at either end), and connection to the internet, and the work has been done.


This functionality is in addition to our existing ability to control loads via Cloud Control Tethering.  The control of a load can be based on the solar position at any remote location, but most likely elsewhere on the same electrical network.


At this stage, Cloud Tethered Inverter Control is only available for single-phase inverters.  This technology will transfer over to our three-phase device, due out in 3-6 months.  The current technology is a perfect smart meter solution for split-phase sites where a single-phase inverter is being used.

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When you connect a CATCH Control device to the internet, all of it's Power Readings are send to our cloud platform. We refer to this as EDDEWORLD. 


When you connect to a cloud tethered site, the CATCH Control now knows to act via a signal sent by the Data collecting Relay and not by the CT signals. 


The Data collecting Control device will send all of the production and consumption data to the Cloud.  The acting Relays now receives these messages from EDDEWORLD and triggers loads when the conditions are met.

Cloud Tethering

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How it works
Solar Panels Technician

Installer Program

CATCH Power are committed to connecting our homeowners with quality installers. We often get asked for installers for every point of an installation. With new systems and retrofitting our products. We have an extensive data base and can try to put you in touch with an experienced installer in your area!

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