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CATCH Control

Where Home Energy Meets Innovation

CATCH Control is a universal energy meter designed to optimise your solar by managing your loads. Reduce reliance on the grid and lower your electricity bills. With intuitive monitoring and seamless integration.
CATCH Control empowers you to take control of your energy usage!

CATCH Power shields you from the volatility of rising energy costs, offering true energy independence, but our capabilities extend far beyond load control!

CATCH Control easily integrates with your solar system.

Universal Energy Metering

Export Limiting Device

Dynamic & Flexible Export Compliant (QLD, SA, VIC)


Cloud Tethering for Remote Exports

Remote Load Control

25,000 I Units Installed
         8 I Years in Business

        5 I Year Warranty

      25 I Employees 

 100% I Australian Made and Owned! 

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The Importance of Self Consumption

The difference between the energy you export to the grid, (FiT) and the rate you pay for energy consumption is widening. Contrary to popular belief, energy companies do not have to pay you for the surplus energy you generate. While some may offer higher FiTs as an incentive, these are often offset by high energy rates or daily supply charges.

The key to a profitable solar investment lies in increasing your self-consumption. Controlling loads to be triggered by surplus solar allows you greater control. Despite the allure of battery storage, the upfront costs remain a deterrent for many Australians.

CATCH Control is at the forefront of these solutions, offering an affordable and efficient way to optimise your energy usage and minimise reliance on the grid.

By adopting smart energy management systems like CATCH Control, you can take a significant leap towards energy independence, mitigating the impact of rising energy prices and securing a sustainable future.

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Self Consumption with Load Control

Self consumption rate our customers usually see with load control devices.

Self Consumption (2).png

Self Consumption without Load Control or batteries 

The average energy you consume from your solar system without batteries or energy management devices

Self Consumption.png
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Why CATCH Control?

Make Every Watt Count!

With precise monitoring at your fingertips, timing becomes everything, when your controlling loads. CATCH Control provides all the tools you need for a profitable solar system.

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LIVE DATA: CATCH Control gives you a compressive in-depth analysis of your energy usage in real time. This allows you to make educated decisions on how and when you use your energy.

Increase Your Energy Savings: The average home without batteries or management devices will consume on average 40% of the energy their systems produce. CATCH Power homeowners can achieve up to 70% with our devices.

Remote Load Control: Manage loads all year round, going away for a prolonged period of time? Simply make adjustments via the app. 


Future-Proof Your Home: As energy rates fluctuate and technology evolves, CATCH Control’s flexible platform ensures your home energy system remains at the forefront, ready to adapt to new savings opportunities as they arise.

Local Expertise and Support: Engineered with Australian homes in mind, CATCH Control comes with the assurance of local, expert customer service and technical support. 

By integrating CATCH Control into your solar system, you’re setting the foundation for a smarter, more efficient, system that will evolve with your energy needs. 

The Monocle

There are many benefits to having the whole picture of your household usage, and there are even greater benefits to having LIVE data about your home. Watch the video below for a tour of "The Monocle" and read on to see how it can benefit you. 

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CATCH Power Ushers in a New Era:
Embrace Tomorrow’s Energy Standards

Prepare to embrace change with confidence and clarity as CATCH Power continues to

introduce groundbreaking technology. Our goal is to offer homeowners freedom from their energy providers. Our latest updates will align seamlessly with future energy standards, ensuring you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Access Wholesale Markets:

Tap into wholesale electricity prices for smarter, cost-effective energy use.

Advanced Scheduling Capabilities:
Plan your energy consumption with our sophisticated scheduling tools that adapt to your lifestyle and market conditions.

EV Charge Control:
Optimise your electric vehicle charging with intelligent scheduling based on Surplus solar and market rates.

Battery Management:
Take control of your energy storage and maximise efficiency and leverage charging cycles.

Step into the future with CATCH Power and gain unparalleled control over your energy management, paving the way for future energy changes.

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Your solar will offset your general household usage first, such as your dishwasher, computer and general 'stand by' appliances.


Larger loads like kettles, dryers, and air conditioning units, are a little more complicated. Even though you may be generating solar, the full load may not fit completely under the solar curve and may use some mains power to support the load. 

Any surplus solar will be sent to the grid for a 'Feed in Tariff'. CATCH Solar Relay aim's to 'shift' loads to fit under the solar curve in the most efficient way, to use more of the solar that is being produced. 

The difference between running a load inside the solar curve and exporting to the grid can be as much as a $0.20 cents savings if not more, depending on your energy plan.​

CATCH Control Series

How it works
Solar Panels Technician

Installer Program

CATCH Power are committed to connecting our homeowners with quality installers. We often get asked for installers for every point of an installation. With new systems and retrofitting our products. We have an extensive data base and can try to put you in touch with an experienced installer in your area!

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