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Working with your system

Trying to determine what Green CATCH Looks like when it is working?

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GREEN CATCH has the ability to work with any single phase inverter on the market!

One of the key advantages of Green CATCH is it's flexibility. Green CATCH can be used with ANY inverter on the market. Green CATCH sits inside your meter box and is looking for surplus solar and uses this energy to heat your hot water.


When you have solar this energy will offset your household usage first, Green CATCH will then precisely divert your surplus to your electric hot water tank. 


Below are a number of examples that show what Green CATCH looks like when viewed through different monitoring platforms provided by inverter manufacturers and others.  Even if Green CATCH isn’t monitored specifically, it can be easily seen by the way the total load follows the solar production. When the tank is hot (the thermostat opens) the load of the house drops suddenly. These are all signs of Green CATCH working hard to maximise your solar production and reduce energy costs for your home.


Although Green CATCH does not have any monitoring you can see it working, regardless of your monitoring platform. Here is what to look for. 

On the Monocle App you can see the household consumption is mirroring the solar production and when the hot water system reaches cut off temperature, this consumption suddenly drops and is then exported to the grid. 

Thermostat cut off

Solar Export


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Solar Analytics is another fantastic Australian product, a great way to get a deep insight as to the performance of your solar and household consumption.  This lucky homeowner is getting the benefit of two great Australian products, with Green CATCH Power heating their hot water with free solar power.

Solar Export



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Here the work that Green CATCH is doing is clearly visible, on the Fronius Solar Web app. Green Catch is clearly following the solar production perfectly. There is more diversion to hot water around midday and again late in the afternoon.  The water tank at this house will be piping hot!

Fronius Graph_edited_edited.jpg

Solar Export



Thermostat cut off

This graph highlights Green CATCH Power working with the Enphase Enlighten monitoring system.   Enphase have been an innovative member of the solar inverter market for many years.  Green CATCH Power is seen to be working very effectively here on this typical system.

Enphase Graph_edited.jpg
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Everyone has heard of Tesla and their visionary leader, Elon Musk.  This home is utilising their solar to not only charge their Tesla Powerwall battery but their hot water as well. In this case the household needs are always met by the solar first. Any excess energy will be used to charge the batteries first. Once the batteries are charged Green CATCH will kick in and start sending surplus solar to this families hot water tank.

Fimer Graph_edited.jpg


Solar Export

cut off

Firmer have been manufacturing world-class inverters for the global market for many years.  Here is a very happy customer that is putting their solar to good use by diverting the energy to their hot water loads with Green CATCH.

Solar Edge Grpah_edited.jpg

cut off
Tank 1
and 2

SolarEdge is a very popular solar inverter solution, using DC optimisation to increase solar production yield from your array.  This customer has two hot water tanks being served by two Green CATCH units.  The thermostat cut-off from each of the tanks can be clearly seen as the energy is diverted into the hot water tank through the early part of the day. Please remember if you are controlling two hot water tanks with the one Green CATCH device both elements need to be a combined maximum of 4.8 kW's.
With the use of Green CATCH Power this customer has reached a self consumption rate of 66% without the use of batteries. 

Our Green customers save on average over $300 per year on hot water heating costs. 

"Thanks to Catch Power last quarter our hot water heating costs were under $1! As a family of four this is a significant saving as we usually pay upwards of $100 a quarter" *****
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CATCH Power offers the ability to increase your self-consumption by 20-30% (depending on individual household usages) and for the fraction of the price of a battery. In most cases offering a payback in as little as 2.5 - 3 years.

How is this possible? 


Well, the truth is you already have the ability to store all this excess energy within your home without the need for costly batteries, and the solution lies in your humble Electric Hot Water system. 


In most cases the single highest load within the home is the electrical hot water system, with the average family using anywhere between 6 -10 kWh's a day to heat their hot water. In most cases this is offered at an 'off peak' rate, like all electricity prices it continues to rise each year, and we often see customers paying upwards of $1 a day for their hot water heating.


Don't let this scare you off and think about removing your electric system to save on costs because this is where CATCH Power comes in. CATCH is a small device that sits in your meter box and detects whenever there is excess energy about to 'leave' the property.  It then redirects this energy into your hot water system, essentially giving you 'Free' hot water from your solar, turning your normal solar system into a system that not only provides you savings during the day but also a solar hot water system, storing this excess energy in the form of hot water for around the clock usage. 

When solar is installed, your household needs will always be offset first, with any remaining energy being sent to the grid for a feed in tariff.

Electric Hot Water sits outside of the normal solar window and without the ability to shift this load, it will always come from mains power - often coal powered. 

Green CATCH includes a CT, this allows for Green to constantly monitor your households export and make smarter decisions on how you use this energy.

Once CATCH Green detects 500w's of surplus solar, it will send this available energy to the hot water tank. Generally offsetting 90-95% of your hot water needs.

If there isn't enough surplus solar, maybe due to poor weather, Green CATCH allows for your Off-Peak to help supplement the load, using the cheaper available tariffs. 

With multiple programmable algorithms, Green CATCH is always trying to deliver hot water at the cheapest rate possible. In times of bad weather, or the cooler months where solar production is at a low, CATCH offers boosting capabilities so your hot water will be supplemented from the off-peak tariff if there is not enough solar during this period. 


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How it works
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