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Tech Docs

EV Charging with CATCH Control

New Announcement regarding OCPP EV Charging. Find out why you can benefit from integrating your EV Charging with CATCH Control.

CATCH Power have a paperless approach to our business. This means that you will not receive a physical installation manual with our products. We recommend looking over the installation manual before you get to site, especially with some of our CATCH Control Series solutions and cloud tethering guides. 


 Here you will find everything you need to learn about CATCH Power, this includes our brochures, tech docs and installation guides. Please note all CATCH devices must be installed by a licenced electrician. 

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Hybrid Installations  

Please note we do not currently recommend Green CATCH on 3phase battery sites. To ensure that the CATCH Power products do not draw from the batteries please use this installation manual. 

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CATCH Control Series - Cloud Tethering Technology 

Cloud Tethering refers to the configuration of the
CATCH Control
 to get its power data from the

internet rather than a local CT.

The Monocle Ap Tour

Take a look at the Monocle, CATCH Power's own monitoring platform. Please note we recommend two CT's to fully access the Monocle's features.

Creating an account in the Configurator app

The first steps you will need to take when setting up a user account for the Configurator App

Settings for ELECTRIC Hot Water with a flat tariff

A flat tariff charges the same amount for Electricity regardless of the time of day. Due to this we aim to run the "Top Up" mode from 2pm - 6pm when there will still be some solar to supplement the load.

Settings for Single Phase Relay on a 3phase site

Even though the CATCH Solar Relay is a single-phase device, we can still control Electric Hot Water on a three-phase site.

Changing Wi-Fi settings


Just like your Netflix account if you change your internet provider you will need to update your Wi-Fi settings.

My Fleet Manager 

My Fleet Manager

A place for our installer network to access their customers installations. The ability to remotely monitor and diagnose solar systems gives our installers more control. uses the same account details as your configurator app!

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