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Discover CATCH Power:
Your Affordable Hot
Water Solution

Upgrade your Electric Hot Water System with CATCH Power

Introducing CATCH Power: Your Gateway to Affordable Hot Water!

Choose from two powerful solutions.

Introducing Green CATCH Power:

✓ Efficient Energy Use: A standard 5 kW system with our Green CATCH Power unit offsets up to 85-95% of your hot water costs.

✓ Smart Technology: Our 100% Australian made Green CATCH Power unit utilizes advanced algorithms to intelligently heat your water at the lowest cost possible.

✓ Universal Compatibility: Green CATCH is compatible with all standard electric hot water systems and all single-phase solar systems. No need to replace your existing hot water system! (For 3phase solutions, please contact us)


✓ Buy Now: Support Australian technology and secure a 5-year product warranty. Join the ranks of our 10,000+ satisfied users!

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A simple way to save?

Introducing the CATCH Control Series

This multi-functional timer is the perfect complement to your solar industry needs. Designed to control any electrical loads based on time or solar system energy output, or both, the CATCH Control is your go-to device for all your power needs.

✓ Versatile Power Control: Whether single or 3 Phase, big or small, resistive or inductive loads, the CATCH Control Series can handle it all.

✓ Strategic Energy Management: Our CATCH Power products, including the Solar, sit in your meter box, constantly monitoring your surplus solar. We make intelligent decisions to shift your household loads to run only when there is sufficient surplus solar, reducing your need to purchase energy from the grid.

✓ Increased Savings: Any household base loads offset with our load management devices increase your self-consumption and overall savings. Loads controlled with this method equate to a $0.30 feed-in tariff.

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Green CATCH vs. CATCH Control 
for Hot Water Heating

Green CATCH is our most efficient method of heating hot water. It can send small amounts of energy to the hot water system and closely match the hot water load with surplus solar power. This helps optimize energy usage and increase savings.

On the other hand, the CATCH Control Series operates differently. It doesn't have the capability to send small amounts of energy to the hot water system. Instead, it can only turn the hot water system on or off. Hot water is a significant energy-consuming load in a home, second only to air conditioners. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that the solar system size is large enough to support the hot water load effectively.

It's important to note that when considering the CATCH Control Series 
as a solution, it's not just about finding a cheaper option. If the solar system size is insufficient, it may lead to dissatisfaction. We generally recommend a minimum system size of 8 kW to adequately support the hot water load, with the CATCH Control Series.

Green CATCH offers greater efficiency by matching the hot water load with surplus solar power, while the CATCH Control Series provides on/off control but doesn't provide the same level of energy optimization for hot water heating. It's important to consider the system size when choosing the appropriate solution to ensure your satisfaction.

Green CATCH and CATCH Control are two separate products.  The Control Series is not required to work with Green CATCH, and vice versa.  It could be that both products are installed in a customer’s home, but it is not necessary.