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Increase your self consumption by up to 30% 


CATCH Power turning your excess solar into Hot Water 



Green CATCH does not require an internet connection. Onboard firmware learns how best to manage solar and hot water.


Green CATCH has an average installation time of 45 minutes

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On average, there is enough surplus solar from a 5kW array to supply 90-95% of your hot water energy requirements


Small design that makes for easy usability and compatibility 


Built in touch pad for easy selection


CATCH Power is compatible with all new and existing solar installations. It can be retrofitted to older systems


 CATCH is constantly monitoring your solar production and your household loads 

CATCH detects surplus solar (solar that would have been exported). 

As soon as there is any surplus solar CATCH diverts that amount of energy to your hot water tank 

If there isn't enough surplus solar, CATCH will mains power (off-peak) to make sure your water stays hot

Get the Catch Advantage 



Power Light Indicatior

Diverter Indicator 

Selection pad. 


Solar Only
Boost 2.5 hrs
Boost 5 hrs 
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Australian owned and manufactured. 

CATCH Power was built for the the average working family. 

When feed in tariffs dramatically dropped from $0.60 to $0.08 in NSW (2016) we had many complaints from our solar  customers thinking all of a sudden their solar was not working. upon inspection we could see just how pivotal self consumption was to the end users and alone, sending excess solar back to the grid was no longer a feasible approach to combating electricity bills. Fast forward four years and while feed in tariffs tend to jump all over the place and electricity prices continue to rise, the story remains the same.  Self consumption is key to a profitable solar system. 


This has seen a big push towards lithium batteries, and while in some situations they have a compelling argument, in most cases they still offer a 10-year payback and by that time there is degradation in the batteries themselves and their ability to retain a full charge. 


CATCH Power offers the ability to increase your self consumption by 20-30% (depending on individual household usages) and for the fraction of the price of a battery. In most cases offering a payback in as little as 2.5 - 3 years.


How is this possible? 


Well, the truth is you already have the ability to store all this excess energy within your home without the need for costly batteries and the solution lies in your humble Electric Hot Water system. 


In most cases the single highest load within the home is in fact the  electrical hot water system, with the average family using 6 kWh's a day in hot water. Even though in most cases this is offered at an 'off peak' rate like all electricity prices it continues to rise each year and we often see customers paying upwards of $1 a day for their hot water heating. Don't let this scare you off and think about removing your electric system to save on costs because this is where CATCH Power comes in. CATCH is a small device that sits in your meter box and detects whenever there is excess energy about to 'leave' the property.  It then redirects this energy into your hot water system, essentially giving you 'Free' hot water from your solar, turning your normal solar system into a system that not only provides you savings during the day but also a solar hot water system, storing this excess energy in the form of hot water for around the clock usage. 


CATCH goes one step further still..

With multiple programmable algorithms CATCH is always trying to deliver hot water at the cheapest rate possible. In times of bad weather, or the cooler  months where solar production is at a low, CATCH offers boosting capabilities so your hot will be supplemented from the off peak tariff if there is not enough solar during this period. 


CATCH was designed by Jason, a Solar Installer himself with a background in Electrical Engineering and Software Design. He partnered with his good friend Scott who has more than 20 years experience in the solar industries working for major companies during the height of the solar boom. Together they experienced this very real problem and worked together to find the perfect solution first for Australians, expanding to New Zealand and New Caledonia in 2019.