Solar Hot Water – Divert Solar Power

Our Blue CATCH Community contributes to the saving of:

  • energy
    kWh of energy
    generated by our community
  • energy
    tonnes of coal
    prevented from burning
  • energy
    trees planted
  • energy
    litres of water
    being heated
  • energy
    hours of
    FREE shower time

Solar Hot Water – CATCH Power diverts excess energy from your solar panels into your hot water

Increase your solar savings by hundreds of dollars each year
The most advanced solar power diverter for hot water on the planet.
No ugly tubes or collector plates on your roof.
Works with your existing electric hot water system

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Blue CATCH solar hot water

Blue CATCH is the most advanced solar hot water system on the planet.Blue CATCH uses the internet to gather weather forecast data in order to ensure every drop of available solar is used for hot water heating.

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Gen 2, HiRes

Green CATCH was designed for those people that do not have an internet connection. It is still a smart device, however it cannot call on weather forecasts to ensure every ounce of solar is being used for hot water.

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