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Transform your home energy experience with CATCH Power's groundbreaking technology.

Founded in 2017 by Jason De Jong and Scott Young, who together bring over 35 years of experience in the renewable energy industry. 

we are passionate about helping you save on energy costs and simplifying the complexities of today's solar installations.

Take back control of your energy usage by seamlessly aligning your large household loads with your solar system. CATCH Power optimizes load management based on solar availability and pricing, maximizing savings and efficiency.

In 2024, we proudly acquired Solar Analytics, offering you free access to Solar Analytics' advanced monitoring platform. This means you get detailed insights into your energy usage and personalised recommendations for the best energy plans, saving you an additional $336 per year.

Join us on the journey to smarter energy management and
embrace the power of control with CATCH Power.

Discover the CATCH Power Advantage Logo Save More

Protect yourself from rising energy costs by using more
of the solar energy your system produces! 

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Green CATCH Power Start saving today use your solar to heat your hot water Solar Hot Water
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Why Self Consumption matters 

Your solar will offset your general household usage first, such as your dishwasher, fridge and general 'stand by' appliances. Larger loads like kettles, dryers, and air conditioning units, are a little more complicated. Even though you may be generating solar, the full load may not fit completely under the solar curve and may use some mains power to support the load.


Once your household needs are met any surplus solar will be sent to the grid for a 'Feed in Tariff'. The average household without batteries or load management devices will generally only consume 30-40% of the solar their systems produce, exporting the remaining energy for a low feed in tariff!


The aim is to 'shift' loads to fit under the solar curve in the most efficient way, to use more of the solar that is being produced. The difference between running a load inside the solar curve and exporting to the grid can be as much as $0.20 in savings if not more, depending on your energy plan.

A great example of 'Load Shifting' is Electric Hot Water. This load is generally heated as a 'Control Load' this occurs between 11pm-3am and is generally on a cheaper rate p/kWh. With the CATCH Power technology, you can shift this load and many others to be controlled from surplus solar. Saving your home hundreds of dollars every year.

Find a CATCH Power Solar Installer in your area
Over 16,000 CATCH Power units installed across Australia and New Zealand
CATCH Power is Australian Made and Owned
How it works
Turning loads on and off with the rise and fall of solar production is the primary tool used to maximise self consumption. Now the same device that is controlling your inverter can be controlling the site loads, no need for any other device. 

Any household base loads that you can
offset with load management devices will
increase your self consumption and
increase your overall savings. For loads
that are controlled 
with this method it is
equivalent to a $0.30 
feed in tariff.
Solar Power Self Consumption Green CATCH Self Consumption matters with Solar
Origin Bill with Green CATCH Power Savings. Control Load Off Peak savings Hot Water Bill

Our Green customers save on average over $300 per year on hot water heating costs. 

"Thanks to Catch Power last quarter our hot water heating costs were under $1! As a family of four this is a significant saving as we usually pay upwards of $100 a quarter" *****

Green CATCH Power

Our Most efficient way of heating Electric Hot Water! 

* Smart Algorithm's that determine the best way to heat your hot water.
* Keep your Off Peak tariff
( some exclussions apply) 
* Suitable with all Single Phase Solar Systems
(contact us today if for 3phase solutions) 
*Compatible with all standard electric hot water systems. 

Green CATCH Power Unit Solar Hot Water Australian Made Hot Water Diverter

CATCH Control Series

Achieve greater control over your solar with CATCH Control 

* Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected. Offering LIVE data via the Monocle!
* Remotely turn loads on and off through the App

* Control a wider variety of loads
* Control a wide range of Inverters, including export control.
* QLD Dynamic Export and SA Flexible Export ready!
* Cluster Control - group multiple inverter brands together.

                         AND SO MUCH MORE!

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