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The future is now:Leading Monitoring meetsleading Management

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Redefining Solar Technology:
CATCH Power Acquires Solar Analytics 

In a move that industry leaders are calling a ‘game-changer’, CATCH Power, renowned for its innovative load control technology, has announced a strategic acquisition of Solar Analytics, a leader in solar monitoring solutions. This new partnership promises to allow Australian homeowners the ability to monitor and manage their energy usage like never before! This is a significant leap forward helping Australian homes the ability to have greater control over their energy usage.

Solar Analytics has been at the forefront of the solar industry for many years, providing a comprehensive analysis of System Health, Battery Sizing Tools and Bill Optimisation.

Customers of both CATCH Power and Solar Analytics can expect to see improved features and services as a result of the partnership, with an emphasis on user-friendly interfaces, advanced data analytics, and proactive energy management tools

For more information about the CATCH Power and Solar Analytics partnership, and what it means for your home energy management, visit

Discover the benefits of using CATCH Power and Solar Analytics

Benefits for Homeowners

Enhanced Energy Management
Homeowners can enjoy more sophisticated control and monitoring of their energy usage, optimizing efficiency and savings.

Integrated Solutions
Access to a combined suite of advanced hardware and software, improving the overall functionality of solar systems.

Cost Savings
Potential reduction in energy costs through more precise energy management and monitoring capabilities.

User-Friendly Interfaces
Easier to understand and manage energy data with improved user interfaces and software integration.

Reliability and Support
Increased product reliability and customer support from a larger, consolidated company.

Innovative Features 
New, innovative features that may not have been available without the integration of the two companies’ technologies.

Enhanced ability to use solar power effectively contributes to personal sustainability goals.

Benefits for installers

The agreed acquisition of Solar Analytics by CATCH Power presents several opportunities for solar installers. With the combined strengths of both companies we plan to release new features in the coming months that will give you access to;

  • Enhanced Training and Support With the merger, solar installers can expect increased support and training on the new integrated systems. This will enable you to install and maintain your systems more efficiently, thereby improving service quality and customer satisfaction.


  • Increased Opportunities With the combined strengths of both companies we plan to release new features in the coming months that will give you access to;


  • Plan Optimiser ensure you are always on the most suitable energy plan for your usage. Take the guess work out of comparing energy plans.

  • Live Data and Load Control Know exactly how and when you use your energy with Live Data allowing you to make smarter decisions on your energy usage.

  • Battery Calculator Designed to boost solar system upgrades, this calculator provides personalised reports on the financial and environmental benefits of adding a storage battery, encouraging informed upgrade decisions.

  • Experience Solar Analytics Without the Subscription!
    Soon, every CATCH Control device will come equipped with Solar Analytics software, giving you access to advanced monitoring and management tools at no additional cost. Currently, this offer is available exclusively with integrated Solar Analytics Inverter Brands, *where CATCH Control is working as the energy meter, some limitations currently apply to Goodwe sites*

  • Solar Analytics Fleet Management
    A robust management platform for businesses with multiple solar installations, offering centralised monitoring, performance benchmarking, and automated reporting to optimise operational efficiency.

  • Improved Installation Efficiency
    The integration of software and hardware could lead to systems that are easier and faster to install, reducing labor time and costs!


  • Access to Advanced Analytics
    Installers will have better tools to analyse the performance of the systems they install, enabling you to provide more detailed feedback and ongoing service to your customers.



Product Integration 

One of our first mayor project with the partnership of Solar Analytics will be giving all of our integrated inverter brands access to Solar Analytics advanced monitoring platforms. This will allow all customers to have access to Bill Optimiser, Battery sizing tools and more! 


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Get to Know Us

CATCH Power is a company known for its innovative solutions in the solar energy industry.  CATCH Power’s commitment to renewable energy solutions is demonstrated through their focus on advancing solar technology and making energy management systems more accessible and user-friendly. With a strong foundation in hardware development, CATCH Power continues to lead in providing dynamic control solutions, which are becoming increasingly important.

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Get to know - Solar Analytics

Everything you need to save more

Solar Analytics provides all the tools you need to track your solar performance and your solar savings in a user-friendly dashboard:


  • Find the best electricity plan for your solar home

  • Track your solar savings.

  • Optimise your energy usage

  • Make sure your system is performing as it should

  • Know when to add a battery

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  • Why has this acquisition occurred?
    We have had an ongoing, excellent relationship partnership with Solar Analytics, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect for both companies to unify our strengths. CATCH Power's recent significant growth has strategically positioned us to pursue this agreed acquisition, allowing us to leverage our combined capabilities to innovate and lead in the renewable energy sector
  • Who owns CATCH Power?
    CATCH Power was founded by Scott Young and Jason DeJong, who continue to hold the majority ownership. Post-merger, the founders of Solar Analytics have joined the team with a minority shareholding in CATCH Power, integrating their expertise and leadership into our expanding company.
  • What does it mean?
    CATCH Power has successfully acquired Solar Analytics, encompassing its talented team and all intellectual property. This strategic acquisition merges Solar Analytics' advanced data-driven insights with CATCH Power's robust technology suite, enhancing our capabilities in the renewable energy sector. We are excited to integrate these resources to drive innovation and deliver superior energy solutions to our customers.
  • What do Solar Analytics and CATCH Power provide now?
    Subject to change, here is a summarised list of many of our offers, features and capabilities: Hot water diversion (Green CATCH) using excess solar Load control (CATCH Control) using excess solar CATCH Control as a consumption meter (replacing inverter consumption meters) Solar and load monitoring (via CATCH Monocle and Solar Analytics) Dynamic or static export control via CATCH Control VPP control via CATCH Control EV charge control using solar exports via Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) Tariff optimisation via Plan Optimiser Weather-based solar performance monitoring via True Performance Fleet management and triage capabilities for solar installers CATCH Control-based monitoring Inverter-based monitoring Retail meter based monitoring Wattwatcher based monitoring WiFi, bluetooth or 4G communications choices Residential and commercial solutions Auto commissioning functions for solar retailers and owners Solar design integrations for solar retailers Battery control (limitations apply)
  • Are there any new benefits for installers following the acquisition?
    Yes, installers will benefit from a wider product range, enhanced support services, and access to advanced analytics and control features that can provide a competitive edge in offering solar solutions to homeowners.
  • How will the products and services evolve following the merger?
    As CATCH Power and Solar Analytics work towards integration over the next few months, our current products and services will remain unchanged. However, as we progress, we plan to merge our offerings into a comprehensive suite of services tailored for solar owners. During this transition, we may refine some of our offers to better meet the needs of our customers and enhance overall functionality.
  • What can customers expect from CATCH Power and Solar Analytics in the future?
    Looking ahead, we plan to seamlessly integrate the majority of our products and services into a unified, advanced control and monitoring application. Additionally, we aim to broaden the range of products compatible with our systems, enhancing our ability to serve and innovate within the solar industry.
  • I have another question - how do I get it answered?
    Please email us at or
  • Will there be changes to features after the merger?
    Initially, the features of both CATCH Power and Solar Analytics will remain largely the same, except for an exciting new benefit—new CATCH Control owners will receive free access to Solar Analytics in the near future. We are actively exploring a variety of potential updates and enhancements to our offerings and will keep you informed as these developments are ready to be rolled out.
  • Can I still sign up for Solar Analytics as a new user?
    Absolutely! We're excited to welcome new users to Solar Analytics. Signing up will now also give you access to the expanded range of features and benefits that the CATCH Power ecosystem offers.
  • How do I get Solar Analytics for Free?
    Solar owners who invest in CATCH Control hardware will benefit from complimentary access to the Solar Analytics software, enhancing their ability to monitor and optimize their solar energy usage at no additional cost.
  • How does CATCH Power's acquisition of Solar Analytics benefit homeowners?
    This partnership enhances our ability to provide you with detailed, real-time insights into your solar energy production and consumption, enabling smarter energy management and potentially larger savings on your energy bills.
  • How can I, as a solar dealer, order CATCH Power or Solar Analytics products and services?
    As a solar dealer, you can continue to order products and services in the same manner as before until further notice. We will promptly inform you of any changes to the ordering process. For now, all contact details remain unchanged, ensuring a smooth transition during this period.
  • What does it mean for solar owners?
    This merger brings together two renowned companies with stellar track records in the solar industry, enabling us to achieve more at a quicker pace. We are excited to expand our offerings with more products, enhanced services, and smarter functionality. Our goal is to empower solar owners with the tools they need to maximise their savings more efficiently than ever before.
  • Will prices change?
    As we integrate the products and services of CATCH Power and Solar Analytics, customers may notice some adjustments in pricing. These changes will be part of our commitment to continually enhance the value we offer, ensuring our solutions remain both innovative and cost-effective.
  • What will happen to my existing Solar Analytics subscription?
    While your existing subscription will largely remain the same, there may be minor adjustments to the pricing in accordance with our terms and conditions. Rest assured, we will notify you of any changes well in advance, allowing you to stay informed and make decisions based on the latest information.
  • Why is this big news?
    CATCH Power has developed a unique Australian Made solution, in replacing the native energy meter with CATCH Control to control Hot Water, Ev's while meeting local DNSP requirements for Dynamic and Flexible Export protocols. We have the ability to replace the native energy meter. We are currently compatible with over 16 inverter brands. Solar Analytics specializes in software designed to enhance solar savings, equipped with advanced performance monitoring and algorithm-based automation, integrated with Wattwatchers, 5 inverter brands, and retail energy meters via CDR. Combined Strengths: Together, our comprehensive suite of capabilities and hardware options is unmatched, offering the broadest range of automated solutions for solar owners and retailers. Market Leadership: Our merger sets a new industry standard—no other company offers such a diverse and extensive range of solutions to maximize savings and efficiency for solar owners. Innovative Leadership: CATCH Power was the pioneer in hardware for dynamic solar control, now mandatory in three states. Similarly, Solar Analytics was the first to become a certified CDR data recipient, leveraging retail meter data. Exclusive Benefits: Owners of CATCH Control systems will now receive Solar Analytics services at no additional cost, enhancing value and functionality.
  • Have any Solar Analytics or CATCH Power staff lost their jobs following the merger?
    Absolutely not! We are pleased to confirm that all staff from both Solar Analytics and CATCH Power have been retained. We are excited to form a larger, more robust company. As proud Australian-owned and operated businesses, we are delighted to be growing and expanding our capabilities together.
  • How can I, as a solar owner, order CATCH Power or Solar Analytics products and services?
    As a solar owner, you have multiple options to access our products and services. You can continue to purchase both CATCH Power and Solar Analytics products through reputable solar dealers. Additionally, homeowners have the option to buy CATCH Power products directly from our website. Should you need any assistance, our dedicated support teams are available through the CATCH Power and Solar Analytics websites. Rest assured, all contact details remain unchanged for your convenience.
  • Will Green CATCH work with my system?
    Green CATCH will work with any solar system and standard electric hot water system but there are a few conditions you need to be aware of. What if I don't have Off Peak? In some states Off Peak can be connected to your Green CATCH so any boosting can be done on the cheaper tariff. If no Off Peak is available simply have your electrician leave this terminal empty, then any boosting will occur between 11pm - 3am. Single Phase Sites Yes, Green CATCH will work on single phase sites, on a typical 5 kW system we will generally offset 90-95% of the hot water load. Three Phase Sites Electric hot water is almost always a single phase load, but it is important to remember that on a Three Phase site, Green CATCH will only detect one third of the surplus energy. For this reason on Three Phase sites we recommend a minimum 9 kW solar system. Heat Pumps. We Do NOT recommend Green CATCH to be used with Heat Pump hot water systems. Dual Element Tanks With Dual Element Tanks we recommend disconnecting the top element. Green CATCH has no one of determining if it is working with the top or bottom element in a tank, this limits the overall efficiency of Green CATCH so we recommend disconnecting the top element to give Green CATCH full control of your system. What Settings Should I be in? Each of the buttons on Green CATCH have two working modes, these are activated by pressing the option twice with a long press. Solar Only - Solid Light Will use as much solar as possible throughout the day, but if cut off temperature is not met, then the device will boost on Off Peak or between 11pm-3am that night. Solar Only - Light Flashing Pure Solar Only, this means that no mains power will be used to heat your hot water. IF cut off temperature is not met from Solar that day, there is no additional boosting and there is a chance you could run out of hot water. Boost 2.5/5 hrs - Solid Light Reduction Mode - Under this setting for both 2.5hrs and 5hrs on the first night 2.5/5hrs will go into the hot water tank from Off Peak or 11-3 if no Off Peak is available. Each Day Green CATCH will divert small amounts of energy to the tank from your surplus solar. When cut off temperature is met by midday from Solar, Green CATCH will reduce how much Off Peak goes to the tank by 12.5% until it finds the perfect mix of Off Peak and Solar. If for any reason you miss cut off temperature than the process will start over. Boost 2.5/5hrs - Flashing Light 'Locked-in' when the light is flashing, this will 'lock-in' the boost, Your system will use what ever solar is available throughout the day and each night will run an additional heating cycle from your Off Peak/11pm-3am. This is the perfect setting for larger families, or smaller tanks where more than a tank of hot water is used in a 24hr period.
  • What is the difference between a Green CATCH and a CATCH Control Device?
    Green CATCH Is a hot water diverter. It is our most efficient method of hot water heating and will generally offset 90-95% of your hot water load. Green CATCH is only compatible with standard Electric Hot Water Tanks. CATCH Control Is our most advanced device yet! Working as the energy meter for your inverter. CATCH Control brings together; Inverter Control - Export Limiting FREE Access to Solar Analytics platform Dynamic & Flexible Export compliance Live Consumption Data Load Control EV Charger Control Battery Control Access to wholesale markets.
  • I Need help with my Wi-Fi
    We recommend a Wi-Fi signal of at least -65db for a stable Wi-Fi connection. Anything below this can result in drops outs. If you are experience frequent dropouts we recommend the use of a Wi-Fi extender to strengthen the signal to the device. Please make sure your are on a 2.4ghz signal. To reconnect your Wi-Fi or a Wi-Fi extender to the CATCH Control device please visit our Tech Docs Page (step by step videos are at the bottom of the page)
  • Can I speak with someone?
    Please contact our office on (02) 5700 5717
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